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Welcome to Dr. Roshdieh's Office!

Babak Roshdieh, M.D. - Fresno Dermatologist

Our philosophy at Dr. Roshdieh's office is to provide our patients with the best dermatology care possible.

'Our focus is simple ' Patient First.'

At our office we appreciate your trust and will endeavor to exceed all your expectations. We are privileged that you would entrust us with your most sacred asset ' your health.

To meet the highest standards of care possible for our patients we have focused our care around a series of pillars that we feel are essential to providing outstanding, comprehensive care and can be summarized by the following acronym:


  1. Compassion: Unlike other fields of medicine, when our patients suffer it is there for the entire world to see. By the time our patients come to our office they have often suffered significantly with their skin ailments, both physically, and psychologically. At our office we understand the toll that skin disease takes on you self-image. Whether it is acne, psoriasis, skin cancer, or any other skin disease we will listen to you, be there with you as we guide you through the treatment process, and educate you all with the outmost empathy and sympathy which we feel are the cornerstone of the patient-physician relationship.
  2. Advanced technology: Medicine is an art but technology is transforming medicine by leaps and bounds and to provide the best patient care possible physicians must adapt. At Dr. Roshdieh's office we have not only adapted, we have embraced the latest technology that dermatology has to offer. From advanced electronic medical records and electronic prescriptions to the latest lasers and phototherapy systems we strive to serve our patients with the most advanced dermatology care.
  3. Respect: We strive to conduct ourselves with the highest degree of respect for our patients and that includes your time. Through our advanced technology, your information is obtained prior to your visit and this translates to less wait time in our reception room and more time with Dr. Roshdieh to address your concerns. Dr. Roshdieh believes that our care does not start and end at the door of our office and that a well-informed patient is more compliant and has better outcomes. To this end, we strive not only to treat our patient's skin ailments, but also to educate our patients so they leave our office well informed and confident.
  4. Education: Dr. Roshdieh is Board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and recently passed his recertification examination Sept 2011. Dr Roshdieh's philosophy is simple:

'Becoming board certified is not the end of your education, but rather the beginning.'

Medical knowledge is continually changing and to provide our patients with the best, most advanced treatment possible, Dr. Roshdieh spends countless hours in continuing medical education courses approved by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Fresno Dermatologist - Dr. Babak Roshdieh - 559-323-4637

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